Children here don’t lack intelligence,  just opportunity.


With these large subsistence farming families, there are still huge numbers of children unable to attend government schools, in the harsh environment that is still Cambodia today.  


ODA provides Free English education to keen outlying village youngsters.  Fluent English is the key to employment in and around the booming tourism industry in Siem Reap, and ODA’s Free English schools directly address the need of improving students future employment opportunities.


All eight schools offer kindergarten and night English classes to over 1450 underprivileged children, with four schools providing introduction to computers.  In addition our teachers are supported to university courses of their choice.


Change takes time, commitment and effort. 


ODA and these wonderful kids are not short on any of these strengths.  

Every dollar you donate is matched by the effort and determination of these children as they balance the life of sharing working the family rice plot, around the luxury of trying to gain an education.

Dependable monthly donations give us the stability and security to continue helping these keen but disadvantaged children, to gain English skills.  The resulting employment brings the life line of a reliable income for their families.

Village kids dream of improved futures.  ODA’s aim is to assist these  subsistence farming youngsters to the ‘luxury’ of an education that leads to future employment.


Fluent English and introduction to computer skills, help to turn whole families lives around through future permanent salaried, government or tourism related jobs.

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Sras Srang Village  SIEM REAP DISTRICT

Located in the Angkor Wat Temple Precinct, Cambodia

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