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Tel: +855 (0) 16 951 988 

      +855 (0) 973 605 128


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ODA Central School and Art Gallery is located at Sras Srang Village, near the magnificent Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom complex which is 10 km from Siem Reap town.  


Visitors to ODA are very welcome but by appointment. As you can understand, this is the children’s school and protection of them is a priority for us.  During your visit, you may be lucky enough to see the children in their classes, creating art work or playing football, however we ask that you respect their privacy and minimize disruption to their lessons and activities.


Please email for appointments: admin@odaopporunitiescambodia.org   A visit to ODA can be incorporated into your tour day at the Temples.

Mail address for ODA


It’s critical to include Leng's phone no on the address details, to ensure they notify us when received at the P.O. there is no delivery, also mail needs to be registered in some way to ensure arrival.

ODA Opportunities of Development thru Art

P.O. Box 93275  Siem Reap  

Ph LengTouch  (+855) (0) 16 951 988  (0)973 605 128

Siem Reap Angkor Cambodia


ODA full location address but NOT for any mail – as there is no delivery at all.

Please email well in advance to book visits  admin@odaopportunitiescambodia.org

ODA Opportunities of Development thru Art

Ph LengTouch +855 (0) 16 951 988  +855 (0)973 605 128

Sras Srang Kang Tbong Village

Nokor Thom Commune

Siem Reap Province & District, Cambodia

  • Take the road from Angkor Wat to Ta Prohm, ODA is located between the Kravan Temple and                                           Banteay Kdei archeological sites, just before Sras Srang Lake.  

Opportunities of Development thru Art

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ODA Opportunities of Development thru Art is a grass roots Registered Education NGO (Non-Governmental Organisation), formally established by Leng Touch in 2003.


His objective, together with his wife SryOn, is to offer improved employment opportunities through English and computer skill education, to subsistence farming children in outlying villages. 

ODA is Reg. No 3275 with the Cambodian Government, and Provincial Reg. No 171 Department of Education Youth and Sport of Siem Reap, as an Education NGO (Non Governmental Organisation) Non Profit designation

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Sras Srang Village  SIEM REAP DISTRICT, Located in the Angkor Wat Temple Precinct, Cambodia, Tel: (+855) 16 951 988, Email: admin@odaopportunitiescambodia.org