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Your purchase also gives

the gift of education in every card

Your family and friends will love receiving a creative ODA card set, and you will also have supported much needed education for our students.

This critical fundraising activity will help us continue to support our Village Kids Education programs which have been severely impacted since COVID halted tourism in our country. Without the sales from our onsite Student Art Gallery, many students are missing out on vital education and needs.

Our beautiful card packs contain 5 original art cards and envelopes and are available in the USA, UK, and Australia thanks to kind ODA volunteers.


$25USD includes one pack of 5 premium gloss cards, envelopes, post pack and posting.

Artist Leng Touch

5 cards Angkor Wat Vision Pack

Artist Ry Sung

5 cards Elephant Family Pack

Artist Trai Vet (Last months newsletter was Trai Vet's story)

5 cards Monk Tranquillity Pack

Artist Tong Hang

5 cards Cyclo Euphoria Pack



  1. Click the BUY CARDS button above. This takes you to the Donate page on the ODA website.

  2. Deposit the sum for the amount of card packs you wish to purchase, noting it takes in USD.

  3. Once your payment is compete: Please send the PayPal, receipt, and forward that to us at Please note we need a copy of your receipt, choice of cards and address details to post your cards to you. UK Note: Gift Aid is not applicable on goods purchases.

  4. Please also copy your name and postal address using the form below and paste into your receipt email, along with the number and design choice of cards for you.

  5. Please then send with your receipt to

NAME EMAIL POSTAL ADDRESS COUNTRY POST OR ZIP CODE CARDS REQUIRED Angkor Wat Vision Number of packs? Elephant Family Number of packs? Monk Tranquillity Number of packs? Cyclo Euphoria Number of packs? On receipt we will pass your order on to the relevant country volunteer and have your lovely artistic cards posted out to you. Please note that due to Covid some countries are experiencing slower mail deliveries, however we would expect you will receive your order in under 14 days. Leng, ODA teachers and students wish to thank you for your kindness in supporting their efforts to contribute to this self funding initiative. They just want to somehow get through this difficult challenging time, and look forward to improved lives due to education. AKUN TOM TOM to you and we hope your friends and family enjoy your ‘Gift That Gives’

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