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ODA Schools Manager, Piet Po proudly on his university Bachelor Graduation Day. Read below

MOSQUITO UPDATE! They’re loving the Monsoonal rain

Oh no!!!   Suddenly more ODA students are hit with the Chikungunya (CHIKV) virus. They have some mosquito repelling machines and use personal repellent but the mosquitos managed to penetrate through all that this last week. As mentioned in the last newsletter it is not deadly and has only a 3 / 4 day life in a human system, but the fevers require a drip to bring them safely down and the head and muscle aches are very unpleasant.

In hospitals in Cambodia you have to provide your own carer who does everything for you except medical. So the older ODA kids roster to be on duty with the sickies! With this Health Center being very close to ODA sending meals for the kids is quite easy. I think they have been sharing with some other patients who are doing it tough in this COVID lockdown situation. Their Buddhist beliefs create such a lovely sharing component in these villages despite the extreme poverty for many right now.


This is a pic of the teachers on line classes with scheduled teachers joining Piet Po each day.  It's hard to take a pic of on line student classes as only the teacher is present.

In the past families had one or two members working in and around the tourism industry in Siem Reap. Many of these had bought inexpensive smart phones and now they have no employment and living back in the villages, they and their smart phones are helping the ODA students to study on line via ODA Teachers Facebook Groups.

Still dealing with difficulties of poor reception to download visuals and also students lack of money to buy phone credit and teachers not skilled in this teaching process among other things, but they are all giving it their best shot. Overcoming obstacles is just part of daily life for these village families.

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