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JUST SHOWS WHAT YOU CAN DO WITH VERY LITTLE DOESN'T IT! Thanks to's Hour of Code week, free to students across the world! With their keen eager young minds and this amazing resource, our kids just ate it all up.

Two hours later they were still working enthusiastically at it.

Some had worked their way through to level 6 and 8 already. Maybe future coders in our midst!

Thanks to Bill Gates and other high profile computer giants, this computer science is available on line from kindergarten levels up, and they run an Hour of Code week each year, to widen access to this crucial 21st century skill. Bob a semi retired lecturer from RMIT Melbourne alerted us to it, and he and Trai Van our IT Graduate completed the setting up to have all our students at ODA Central on line and participating. Thanks a mil to you both also!

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If you share our vision and would like to join the ‘Friends of ODA', please follow the paypal link on our As little as $2.50 a week, less than the price of a cup of coffee, from enough people - will ensure ODA can continue our free English schools to bring change to these keen outlying village youngsters.

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