Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Memories of January 2020

Keep Art in your heart!

A far cry, coming from the position of Professor of Art at a University in USA

to our little school just outside of Siem Reap, but that didn’t daunt this amazing lady.

Diane has established graphic design programs for her university, created movies, digital art and storytelling among a myriad of other art skills, but she hastened to assure us she was nothing if not adaptable. She even taught art once in difficult circumstances and earnt the name of the ‘Art in a Cart Teacher’. The ODA students loved working with Diane and can't wait for her to come back again as soon as COVID-19 allows.  She intends to introduce them to graphic art and also take art out to the ODA Village Schools on her next visit.

Diane would love to share a video she just sent of her time at ODA earlier this year. So pour your favourite beverage and settle back for a great five minute look into Diane's time with the ODA kids.


Leng and the students are continuing to make the most of this lock down time.  They study on line with mountains of Facebook interaction between their school friends as they keep in touch helping each other understand the various subjects.  A huge learning curve as some Cambodian teachers work at learning the technology and support their students through it at the same time.

The ODA older kids tutor the younger kids and all continue working at the farm daily to produce as much of their food as possible.  Thankfully the wet season has arrived on time this year to assist all our village farming families growing rice and vegetables.

AKUN TOM TOM THANK YOU BIG BIG for being there for us.

We thank those of you who are assisting us financially to keep this big ODA 'Family' operating and urge others to think about even $10 a month to make sure we can keep the students well fed and healthy.

Leng and the ODA family send their prayers and wishes that you and yours manage to handle the isolation along with them, and stay safe and healthy in these challenging times.

We are truly all in this together!

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