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Dancing eyes show the wide smiles behind their masks.

Great excitement with classes resuming.

ODA Cards Gifts that give, rolling along well with some stock still available.

Help the kids efforts to raise funds for their education

Lovely happy fresh faces

Teachers are so happy to be back and they say the students joy is so infectious.

Teachers are so happy to have their students interacting within the classrooms again. They say despite masks they can see the smiles lighting up everyone’s faces. Bubbling chatter as friends reunite and swap stories about their lives in the past months. Teachers have worked so hard trying to continue lessons within what was allowed at the varying stages. Now to have everyone in the one room able to teach effectively is an absolute joy they say. Lots of catching up to be covered, but teachers and students are ready and keen to get down to all of that!

This is what it's been like for the past months. So difficult for teachers to get around to all students.

Desks are a joy to work on after bamboo decks.

Classes resumed on 1st November with strict security measures in place. Asians have been through Bird Flu, SARS and many other dangerous viruses, so are quite used to masking up and following security directives.


Classes sizes are restricted to 15 at any one class, so students have rostered attendance days. Almost all from 6 years up have been double vaccinated in Cambodia with a well planned and executed vaccine roll out. However Delta is making it’s mark as in all other countries, so great care must be taken. Also the new variant is sure to appear soon in Asia. We can't be too careful.

We were wondering if the prolonged school closures may have resulted in kids not wanting to return to structured classes after their freedom for so long. We needn’t have worried, word traveled around the villages quickly and they all flooded back eager to get the education ball rolling again.

Teachers and students socially distance, sanitize hands and have temperature taken prior to entering the classroom and socially distance in desks except for members of their house family. Classes are restricted to 15 at any one class so students have rostered attendance days.

Old kindergarten pic showing the class size previously.

So far everything has gone smoothly so Kindergartens will now recommence also in the classrooms in December. They also have been working on photocopied lesson sheets which is very difficult for such young children.

Kindy class numbers pre Covid were anything from 30 to 90 a day at various ODA schools, so rostering will be very necessary and older siblings will not be able to attend for now. They are often day carers for young ones whilst the parents work the rice fields, and they love attending too, with the singing and activities. Hopefully in time Covid will be under control and we can allow them to resume attending again too.

It also benefits their English with the extra 2 hours a day, so we are keen they attend again when it is possible.

So wonderful to have our classrooms full of happy young voices again.

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How lovely to give or receive a gift this year that also helps to provide FREE education for poor village children.

I’m giving to all my friends, and they love the idea. How Easy?

It also means I don’t have to find time to search for individual gifts for everyone so a win win for me at this busy time of year!

I have ordered more cards for Australia and there is still some stock in US and UK so please don’t forget to order if you wish to support ODA’s education for these keen youngsters.

There is still time to receive by Christmas.

Angkor Wat

Created specially by Leng himself. He doesn't have much time to create now.

Elephant Family

Created by Ry Sung who wishes to study accountancy.

Monks Tranquility

Created by Trai Vet who has graduated from Civil Engineering

Cyclo Euphoria

Created by Tong Hang who graduated with an English Degree 20021

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Income to keep operations running is very challenging with no tourists visiting our Student Art Gallery, so these cards are promoted to fill some of that gap

TO ORDER $25 a pack of 5 cards

The perfect gift that gives

Use this link to the ODA Donate and PayPal pages

Then forward your PayPal receipt to along with your choice of cards and postal details. NAME POSTAL ADDRESS COUNTRY ZIP OR POST CODE CARDS REQUIRED Angkor Wat x ? Elephant Family x ? Monks Tranquility x ? Cyclo Euphoria x ?

Opportunities of Development thru Art p: (855) 16 951 988 m: (855) 973 605 128 ODA is Reg. No 3275 with the Cambodian Government. Provincial Reg. No 171 Department of Education Youth and Sport of Siem Reap. as an Education NGO (Non Governmental Organisation) Non Profit designation.

Accounting for International Development UK (AfID) partnered with ODA in 2014 and facilitated two placements to strengthen ODA’s accounting & financial management. An independent UK accountant now monitors ODA monthly accounts. ODA is a proud partner No J1068, of Australian NGO, Global Development Group (GDG) who provide a governance role and assist in the areas of planning, monitoring and evaluation of projects to ensure they are carried out to OAGDS requirements.

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