Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Grateful thanks from Leng and the students to those assisting us to get through this very difficult time.  Be assured they are all doing as much as they can too,  see below.

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Always interested in providing food free from chemicals, a January trip to Community First experimental fish farm outside of Siem Reap sparked Leng and our Civil Engineering students into developing a suitable system for ODA’s small farm plot.

Traditionally the wet season floods the rivers and small fish into the rice fields where the plants clean the water for the fish which in turn provide the nutrients to the plants, both benefiting from each other. Families net the small fish providing protein and calcium into their dairy free diet.

Leng has become concerned at the recent spread of chemicals into the river systems in Cambodia, so was very attracted by the thought of producing food outside of this fertiliser and chemical cycle.  He and the Civil Engineering students set about developing a complete aquaponics system for ODA and providing a valuable opportunity for the resident students to learn more skills of self-sufficiency.

The goal is twofold:

(a) To develop a more efficient means of producing chemical free food for the ODA school family.

(b) To build a knowledge base to show local villagers how to set up inexpensive aquaponics farms. This could supply year round food for their families in the long hot dry season, and give village ladies another income source, producing fish and vegetables to sell in their local markets.

Experienced filleting

Sok Vun, Chanda and Lai Hun get into the serious business of food prep to cook.

Good sized fish

Different Khmer recipes require different sized fish so they are selected daily.

  • ·Currently, the system consists of two concrete fish tanks fertilizing four garden beds and several coconut trees. This has proved very successful and Leng is now adding a new plastic-lined fish pond to irrigate more garden beds.

  • · 15 kg of fishlings were purchased to start the farm and these ha