Yes it’s a difficult time for our residential students

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Snacks of rice filling the rumbles 1 hour before Yum Bai (translates to Eat Rice or lunch).


Our thanks to kind supporters for the lovely understanding messages we are receiving in these challenging times. Yes it will be very difficult for us to provide for the residential students who all have no where else to go. Leng remembers as a young kid being very hungry in the time after the Khmer Rouge.  He was lucky enough to be found by his Aunt and Uncle to be sheltered and loved, but empty tummies were just a fact for everyone! Today there are still very few birds due to people eating them along with rats, snakes, etc Leng remembers eating if they were lucky enough to find and catch any of these, to feed the whole family over several days. Because of these memories, at ODA he always has a pot of cooked rice that kids can go to at any time for a snack if they feel hungry, and that is a 'luxury', he is worried he may not be able to provide in the coming months! Ask your kids or grandkids how they would feel about snacking on cold cooked rice?  But our kids feel very blessed! Tour visits at our gallery usually provide a good deal of our income to keep the kids, and with that avenue closed, Leng is very worried. It you could spare even $10 a month to assist they would be so very grateful.

Working out the pattern? Ah thats more like it!


Our residential students and Leng didn’t take long to find a solution.

COVID-19 effects are being felt worldwide and with even more limited medical facilities available in Siem Reap we needed preventive measures. Leng decided the children should be wearing face masks when venturing outside of ODA itself for food shopping. We know they only offer limited protection, however better than nothing at all. Of course there are no masks available to purchase here either, so out with the material and scissors….

Yes, survival mode kicks in and they get on with making them themselves!

UPDATE:  Leng has now been supplied some from the local Medical Center  but home made ones are washed and ready if necessary again.

By George, I think we've got it! Ah yes, we've really got it!

There was certainly a few test cut out’s and lots of giggles. Everyone went a little bit crazy, but they soon got it right . Great to see how together, they can always find a solution to what’s needed. Leng and his wife Sry On are great examples for the children to follow. All of them have suffered very hard lives in the past.