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Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Special treat for the kids. 

Long term and valued volunteer Reudi from Switzerland sent money to buy the ingredients for the kids to have a Pizza Party! Having been locked down at his home too, like all of us he knows it’s hard not moving around normally and missing friends, so decided to give them a treat.

Mixing and So Lita overseeing The kids enjoy cooking new   Oven ready for the pizzas for

forming the base  things.  many hungry tummies.

With little or no dairy products in their culture, ingredients like cheese etc are normally considered quite expensive over here. Especially so now with no gallery income due to COVID-19, they grow, shop and cook nutritious, but very basic fare, just intent on getting through and staying healthy

Tey tests the finished product. Yummy, So Cheata and Srey It's the best, Peav isn't

Tai say after rice, it's their 2nd interested in testing, he's

favourite food. jumping right in and loving it!

You would have thought they had won the lotto!

Such excitement.  All hands on deck mixing the dough, preparing the toppings, setting the fire up in the pizza oven that Reudi had built for them on his last trip in January, along with a well overdue expanded and remodeled bathroom for the boys, continuing his building skills classes with them.  

Such a special fun day, bubbling around excitedly making and waiting for them to cook. Then best of all, tucking into the finished Pizzas!

They are all so polite, never rushing in. Waiting for Vey to say it's OK to start.

Leng and his wife were as excited as the kids and are so grateful to everyone who are sending funds to help with the basic running and food while our tourism backed gallery income is cut off, and even more grateful to Reudi for his wonderful special surprise for the kids!

All with very harsh backgrounds, including Leng from as far back as Khmer Rouge times, they certainly value the 3 meals a day that all our supporters like you are helping to make possible.

Special thanks to Reudi for helping them forget COVID and just be kids for the day, and also special thanks to all of you who are helping support them though these challenging times.

We have no idea when the lockdowns will be eased but do know that formal tourism is not expected to reopen until the end of the year, making Leng very worried about ‘his big tribe’ and being responsible for so many young students health and safety

To those of you who wish to help - no matter how much you can spare, even $10 a month, adds to the pool and helps to keep the necessities there for these kids.

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