ODA is registered with the Cambodian Government, and Department of Education Youth and Sport of Siem Reap, as an Education NGO (Non Governmental Organisation) Non Profit designation.

Accountants for International Development UK (AfID) partner ODA with monthly accounts training, monitoring

 & support.   See ODA noted as a partner on their website.



ODA has a formal and close relationship with the local Government Education Department.  The ODA yearly exams are conducted under their on site supervision, and government teachers are employed as independent supervisors to ensure all aspects are compliant. Successful students receive Certificates bearing the Education Department and ODA Logos.  This is a distinct advantage when applying for jobs.


2016 Leng received a call from the Education Department asking him to attend a meeting.  They presented him with a Thank You letter framed in a beautiful gilt frame (see pic above) to show how grateful they are for the free quality English education ODA is providing for so many village youngsters.  He was very touched to receive their thanks and recognition on behalf of all the teachers and other ODA workers,donors and supporters, who assist in delivering these important education programs. 


Fiscal Responsibility

Accountants for International Development UK (AfID) initially came to ODA to review our financial operations and decide if our records passed their criteria for them to begin working with us.  A simple excel was being used and all purchases had invoices or till tab records pasted into books, going back several years.  They were very happy with what they investigated, but advised we needed a more formal system and eventual Auditing to ensure clear and transparent records showing accountability at all times.  

The current accounts system was then built in excel format and Leng and Kimmie trained in it’s use.  Kimmie is studying Accountancy at university, so it has been wonderful for her to have this ongoing training and practical application, along with her classes. The ODA accounts are sent monthly to the UK Accountant for monitoring and any difficulties are discussed and sorted through.  The accountant says they are both managing very efficiently, and there is little need for more than monitoring now.

ODA Cambodia is listed on AfID’s website as a partner.

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