Please note we only accept volunteers for 1 month & we do not charge, but gratefully accept any prior fund raising by volunteers.  Accommodation meals etc are at your own expense, (breakfast in Siem Reap is around $1-2 for eggs, dinner is $3-8 for main meal, you are welcome to share simple lunches at ODA .  You will need to hire a bicycle to ride to ODA.  It will be $1-2 a day & the ride is a 45 – 50 min flat, shaded, pleasant ride - motos or Tuk Tuk’s can be hired at your expense.  Accommodation is available from backpack to 4 or 5 star.


ODA only accepts native English speakers, as different culture accents make it hard for the children to understand & learn.  ODA requires you submit a current ‘Working With Children’ card plus TEFL qualifications where possible, and undergo a training period under the ODA coordinator.  The children are busy with their education & any additional activities & teaching must comply with the ODA curriculum & add value for them – ODA doesn’t participate in Voluntourism.

You also need to hold travel insurance.  ODA cannot be held responsible for health costs or property loss.


Thank you for helping us make a difference!