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ODA relies solely on financial donations from supporters to operate.

From total student residential living and education expenses, to all 8 schools equipment, wages, education costs and school supplies. It is a huge challenge every month.  Recurring donations are a great assistance allowing us to plan responsibly.

GLOBAL DONATIONS  Please note PayPal works in USD so adjust your donation accordingly.



Click the NZ Donate button then arrow down to the bottom of the page, click donate and follow the prompts


Tax payers in UK can increase their donation via Gift Aid.

Click on the UK DONATE button above, opening Global Developments Group (GDG) ODA page.

Arrow down to the button and Click 'Donate from the UK using Stewardship'  on the opened GDG/ ODA page. Please tick to show your details to allow us to acknowledge your donation.

Fill in to establish your Stewardship ID which will release tax, to increase your donation by 25%

(Important copy and paste J1068N in the reference field when you process your donation, directing it to ODA)


Your kind funding supports regular education expenses, however please feel free to designate specific areas of interest and we can send pics of those particular purchases on to you.

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