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Partnering with ODA and making a difference today



A few of our teachers who have grown from being ODA students themselves. Some now married with families of their own, they value employment in their villages.

elcome into to the heart of ODA, where the transformative power of education flows through our village schools with our free English and IT classes and gives these keen but disadvantaged kids a focus.  Inspiring hope for an improved future, providing them with the tools they need to break poverty barriers and shape their future employment prospects. With 32 free classes conducted daily across the eight schools, six days a week, it’s a formidable task for Leng, but a very worthy one for these village youngsters.

Sok Vun having completed her English Degree earlier this year. Teaching the more advanced students at ODA Central school .She also teaches part time at a local government school.

Step into our classrooms, and you'll witness more than just learning. Here, the brightest minds aren't just students; they're tomorrow's leaders. Through our program, the standout individuals are given the opportunity to become teachers themselves, attend university, whilst passing on knowledge, inspiration, and support to the next generation within their remote villages.

Fun challenging classes encourage the students to improve daily

ODA’s focus extends beyond the four walls of the classroom.  On completion of ODA teacher training, successful candidates are eased into teaching their own class.  Then after the 3 month probationary period they are all given the opportunity to join the ODA University Degree Program in conjunction with their daily teaching role, thanks to a wonderfully kind US family.

For our dedicated teachers, commitment is not just a word; it's a way of life. They sign a 5-year contract with ODA, which also takes in their university block increasing their own education whilst offering stability and continuity in our education programs. This commitment allows us to continue making a tangible difference in the lives of those youngsters we serve, day in and day out.

Yet, amidst our successes, challenges inevitably arise.

Ageing vehicles, poor roads, high humidity and 43+ temperatures take their toll on our school mini van and maintenance utility, despite both being carefully looked after. Just a couple of the recent costly repairs that now seem to pop up almost monthly

Rising costs across the board, particularly currently in maintaining our ageing mini bus which takes the students to school and school maintenance utility, which both are constantly breaking down, threaten to disrupt our operations, draining much needed funds away from education. But with your steadfast support, we will work to find solutions and overcome these obstacles and ensure uninterrupted services for those who rely on us the most. If you have any ideas on raising funds for vehicle replacement, we would be grateful to include in our deliberations.

Unlike Khmer schools, interactive teaching methods are utilized which our students absolutely love

Join us in our journey of impact and change. Your support, whether through donations, spreading the word, or offering innovative serious fundraising ideas, fuels our mission and brings hope, opportunity, and education to those kids who need it most.

With your support, we’ll continue to work on creating the culture where every child has the chance to thrive,

where dreams are nurtured,

and potential knows no bounds.

Thank you for being there with Leng, his teaching team and supporters, on this remarkable road.

It’s an inspiring journey for us all.

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