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Embracing a future together with ODA


Celebrating our achievements together

Wishing you all a very happy safe holiday and festive season from Leng, his wife, ODA teachers, and students.  Huge thanks for your support in empowering young lives through the ODA education programs over these last 12 months.  Our Graduates are now applying for positions that require English and IT knowledge.

Your help and encouragement give hope to these outlying village kids, that with education they can change their lives, and our graduates inspire younger students to stay the course and persevere.

We are so grateful you partnered with ODA with your support over 2023 and indeed some of you up to a decade or more, of regular support, monthly or one-off varied project donations eg General education supplies and expenses, Uniforms, solar batteries, etc make up our lifeline. 

These subsistence farming youngsters are as intelligent as any kids anywhere in the world.  In fact their determination to improve their, and their families' lives, makes them even more worthy of the support you provide to ODA to assist us to keep our free classes operating every month of the year.

Happy Festive and Holiday season and Good Luck for a Healthy and Happy New Year to you and yours from us all under the ODA umbrellas.

Spreading Warmth and Good Wishes This Season

Akun Tom Tom – Thank you Big Big

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