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What your support has helped our students achieve


A December to Remember: Our Students Shine with Excellence.

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‘Bravo December Graduates’ from the important levels for exams

In a remote corner of Siem Reap Provence in Cambodia, ODA students, ranging from important levels in units 1 to level 8 TESOL, recently achieved a remarkable success rate of over 90%+ in their end-of-year exams. These exams, externally set and covering comprehensive content from their year-long studies, showcased not only the dedication of the students but also the exceptional teaching methods employed by ODA's educators.

Brimming with joy, Sophea, the accomplished ‘Top Student’ from ODA No. 5 School in Wat Village, revels in her well-deserved success.

Director Leng awards ODA Certificates to proud Sophea and Sai Livyee, students at ODA School No. 5 Wat Village, and School No. 6 in Tbang Lech Village

Leng congratulates Norn Sokunrayout.   He topped Family and Friends Level 2 and attends ODA No 1 school in Salakrovann Village.

Most of these successful students have also graduated from ODA’s Introduction to Word and Excel classes.

Experience the joy and pride of the Certificate Presentation ceremony which students largely presided over, through this [link] witnessing the students' excellent command of English.

Living in isolated villages, these students have no exposure to English conversations outside their classes. While ODA teachers benefit from the University Program in Siem Reap city, students seldom venture beyond their close-knit village communities. The achievement is a testament to the resilience of both students and our dedicated ODA teachers.

Top students display their Certificates in celebration.  

Let this be a testament to your brilliance ‘trailblazers’ – your journey has just begun!"

Alongside the English academic success, ODA provides free Introduction to Word and Excel classes, equipping graduates with valuable skills for future employment. Salaried jobs not only uplift the graduates but also assist in supporting their families in these remote villages. These salaries contribute to food security and enable younger siblings to continue their education instead of seeking underage work on larger farms.

Many villagers without transport rely on ‘sellers’ who call at these remote villages.

Life in these subsistence farming families is challenging, with the constant threat of crop loss due to droughts and flooding. During the COVID-19 pandemic, when tourist employment vanished, families faced the heartbreaking decision to send young children to live with monks to ensure daily meals.

Backbreaking work is being replaced on larger farms with mechanised equipment, making education critical to future employment prospects.

Staying in school, learning English, and gaining IT skills are vital steps toward improving lives in these outlying villages. The students, aware of this, study diligently, seizing the opportunity for free classes to secure better futures.

Just one of many heartwarming pics from the day, teacher Phon Phot with one group of his successful students

Congratulations to the students and their dedicated teachers who have navigated this challenging path together. The success story is made possible by the generous support of donors like you. Your contributions to ODA help support operations and these free classes, offering these youngsters a chance to study and deliver this extraordinary success rate.

Our teachers and students extend heartfelt gratitude to you, and they hope you share in the pride of their amazing achievements with us.

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