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"Transforming Dreams into Reality:

Cambodian Students Thrive with Donor-Funded ODA NGO Support"

never dreamt I would graduate from University

Lai Hun's story is truly inspiring and heartwarming. It's wonderful to hear about her journey and the positive impact that ODA (Opportunities of Development thru Art in Cambodia) has on the lives of very needy children in Cambodia. The support provided by Mr. Leng, Ms. Srey On, and all the kind sponsors have created a nurturing environment where children like Lai Hun, previously in very difficult needy situations, can receive education, develop skills, and pursue their dreams.

Lai Hun teaches English class at ODA each afternoon and her students love her.

Lai Hun takes over from here saying… At first I was a little scared, but after living there to see Mr Leng and Ms Srey On his wife, taking such good care of children living and studying there, I was quick to be happy to live there and attend school every day with the other ‘ODA family’. I tried in my village, but it was a very long walk and flood waters meant I couldn’t go for 4 months every wet season. I feel that I am more fortunate than other children who have never had the opportunity to have such a safe, cozy place to live, eat 3 meals every day, and have a full education. I also love my many ‘brothers and sisters’ here now too. Big families are normal in Cambodia but this is a really ‘Big’ family. Older students give help to younger students so they are able to attend school, understand their homework and finish Year 12 too if they want that. We help each other all the time.

This is the district that I came from it was very poor and isolated.

Since I came to ODA, I was so happy to study every day at Khmer school and get a lot of knowledge such as computer, English, Khmer Culture dance, painting and many other skills provided by ODA. Then it was amazing to me that I could go on to study Accounting at university.

I studied here for 4 years before I graduated

I met other students who some had interesting jobs.

So far I have completed my Bachelor's Degree in Accounting, Taxation and Auditing at Vanda Institute. Now at ODA I am learning to work on a Xero account package and help Mr Leng to do some of the ODA accounts, so I am getting good experience. I also prepare the required government accounts every month and put in to them by computer.

Mr Leng and I working on ODA accounts

One day I would like to have my own accounting business or work in a bank and maybe help an NGO, so more poor children can have education opportunities like me.

Ms Sry On and Mr Leng took me to Phnom Penh for my graduation with two of their daughters. It was lovely for me to have my ‘ODA Family’ there with me.

ODA Note: Kind donors from around the world come together to support living and education costs to help ODA to assist students like Lai Hun to realise their potential. All the village families around our 8 free schools benefit from the free English and IT classes that open up employment opportunities in the future that their children would never have had.

Even $10 a month assists us to continue educating these keen eager youngsters. It doesn’t have to be a large amount.

The results are not merely measured in classes passed or degrees earned, but in lives forever transformed like Lai Hun, and it’s all thanks to you, our supporters. We could do nothing without you!

Akun Tom Tom! Thank You Big Big!

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