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And a lifeline for poor unemployed families.

Kids are so happy to welcome volunteers back after so long. They are considered ODA family too!


Singapore Airlines flights resumed to Siem Reap allowing some of our key volunteer supporters to return to ODA last month. Initially with some trepidation at percieved health risks involved, they all reported no problems, feeling very comfortable and not really any different to life in their home countries, which is great news for us all

Our first four were….

Reudi – Building Industry from Switzerland who trains the ODA students in building skills. He arrived and among many other training and maintenance catch up’s, provided the paint and assisted the students to freshen up ODA after the 2 year lockdown. The students were so happy to be working with him again and see their home bright and sparkling. They especially loved him providing the ingredients to make a Pizza party and also taking everyone to Kulen Mountain for a picnic trip.

Kourm showing off our greenfield site. He never thought he would have a job and was so thrilled when Leng offered him a security role. Perfect as he knows all the villagers, is well respected, rarely goes far away and he is very handy at fixing things. He will play a large part in the proposed Cooperative Fish and Hydroponic farm.

Vey, ODA Civil Engineering student, Bob, Leng, Kourm ODA security and Sophan ODA Liason officer, inspecting the site of the proposed Fish and Hydroponic Farm Village Cooperative Project.

Bob – Retired Electrical Engineering lecturer from the Engineering Faculty at RMIT Australia, who is assisting ODA and APT to develop a Village Cooperative Fish and Hydroponic farm in Ta Tum Village. He is leading Theary (Civil Engineering) and Lai Hun (Accountancy) to plan all aspects of documentation, construction and expected production outcomes. More on this as it progresses.

Frank - Teen Life incorporating sex education – Frank retired Director of Nursing with the Department of Communities and Social Inclusion South Australia, delivered his 2nd education lesson on this subject to ODA Central students and ODA teachers. It covered the importance of not only understanding how male and female bodies work as they mature to reproduction, but also building your life like you would a house construction. Laying a solid foundation to ensure a lasting structure likened to completing education and setting the steps to ensure you can build a future life to achieve the outcomes you want. Very basic education is now taught in Khmer schools but questions and discussion is not encouraged.

Lai Hun working on the Xero ODA accounts. Terry says she has picked it up and understanding it very well. Terry – Retired Civil Engineer. Finalising accounts with Leng and Lai Hun, working on the change over of ODA Accounts to the Xero Accounting System which will deliver more timely financial management information across all aspects of ODA operations. Terry intends to again approach Accountants for International Development (AfID) to link up with their experienced Xero people to continue on our path with their requirements. Terry also manages ODA’s reporting processes with Global Development Group and this Xero system fits well with their strict compliance requirements.

Wonderful to have volunteers back working with ODA on site again. 2 years is a long time away when we all love working with them so much. Hopefully we will have more volunteers beginning to come and work on English and conversation with our students soon also. Teachers are terriffic but other workplace backgrounds widen our students view of the world and practicing English conversation is GOLD to them! Please think about volunteering and start chatting wth us. It's how we all became involved and Leng and these kids have injected so much happiness and purpose into our lives!

TAXABLE DONATIONS FOR THE END OF THE FINANCIAL YEAR (EOFY) ODA would greatly welcome EOFY Donations if this would assist in your tax preparation. Contact us for further information on which countries offer tax deductions or similar.

ODA FAMILY’ RETURN TO SHARE KHMER NEW YEAR Back in April, Leng and Sry On were so happy to have many of their past ODA student ‘family’ come back to share some Khmer New Year happiness with them and all their ODA brothers and sisters. Most have been able to continue their employment despite the Covid effects, further proving that education is a vital foundation for their lives. Great for the current residential students to catch up with them again, and share this important information to encourage them to continue studying also. Unfortunately they were all so happy being ‘Home’ again they all forgot to take any pics! Lovely to know they still remember their ODA Family and wish to stay in touch, despite the excitement of making their new lives isn’t it! SIEM REAP STREETS AS YOU'VE NEVER SEEN THEM


Tourists would remember walking around Siem Reap town trying to be ultra careful negotiating the rough rubble on most streets to avoid falling.

Well, a wonderful initiative took part over the last two years paying approximately $5 - $8 a day per person, to tear up and rebuild roads and side walks, using unemployed tuk tuk drivers, stall and market holders, and other people who had no income with tourism and all it’s associated works at a stand still, due to Covid.

Pub Street when it was under construction. This was a lifeline to all families when there was no employment. Wonderful initiative by the government.

Such an amazing transformation with roads and sidewalks torn up and rebuilt, and best of all providing income to support very needy families over this very difficult time. With most works completed now the city will give a wonderful welcome to new and returning tourists as the industry begins to again showcase the Amazing Angkor Wat Temple Precinct to travellers from all over the world.

Terry warns though, to still be aware when using pedestrian crossings as they still seem to be regarded as 'Fair Game' by speeding motor bikes!

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