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Uniforms educate and empower poor youngsters


Uniform fundraising time is ticking away and we are trying hard to deliver to the most needy

Lets keep these girls safe and busy at school.

Just some of the kids your uniform donation will assist to return to school next year.

Just over 3 weeks to go. We are still short of our target but kind donors are getting us closer. Currently we have funds to buy just under 500 uniform sets, and we usually try to keep 700 students at school for the next year. Our teachers are checking their lists of poor families and assessing the most needy in case we have to cut the numbers back. However they say it is a very difficult task, after the last 3 years of little or no employment due to COVID and it’s effects on tourism. These families are, if anything, more needy than ever. Uniforms are $27USD a set and if you can manage to donate one or even a part of one it will help us keep more young people at government school for another year. It’s documented that uniforms save girls lives in 3rd World Countries! If girls can stay at school another year they marry later and are more mature to give birth without life-threatening immature bodies consequences to them and their baby. In these villages without an education girls drift into young relationships and have babies as young as 13 and 14. School keeps them busy and focused daily, so this is one of the many good reasons we work at this Uniform Fundraising every year. For boys, more schooling improves their chances of more secure employment and as they mature they see the benefits as opposed to the lives their parents have had.

So if you haven’t donated yet. Please consider assisting us to help these needy young people. Thanks so much to our wonderfully kind supporters who have donated already, you’ve helped get us on the road to assisting many poor kids. Together we will move mountains!

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