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Village Chief meeting with Founder/Director Leng Touch at ODA Run Village school.  Brick and Solar powered, the construction was funded by APT and the Rotary Club of Atherton Tablelands in 2010.


Tour Companies APT and Travelmarvel Tour became aware of ODA Education activities through Shirley, and old family friend.  Interested by what they were hearing they first visited in 2009.  Robert McGeary was very impressed by what he saw and so collaborated with a keen passenger who was a member of the Rotary Club of Atherton Tablelands, to partner together to build an ODA school in outlying Run Village. Both continue to support this school yearly and APT have gone on to very kindly support two other ODA schools annually also.

Since Robert’s visit in 2009, the APT and Travelmarvel tours have visited  ODA Students Art Gallery in conjunction with their visit to Angkor Wat temple.  This support from their passengers has allowed ODA to grow and support some 1450 students in our 7 outlying villages to experience free English kindergarten, primary and secondary classes, plus Introduction to basic PC skills using Word and Excel.  Graduating students have improved employment opportunities with these additional language and IT skills.  This brings salaries into these villages improving the lives of their families.

ODA is very grateful for the support of APT and Travelmarvel and their kind passengers, helping ODA to offer these life changing education skills to the keen intelligent students, and enable them to break the cycle of subsistence farming.  Village and Commune Chiefs tell of the benefits generated by the education and in turn the salaries which flow into the families, really changing lives for the better

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