ODA Opportunities of Development thru Art is a grass roots Registered Education NGO (Non-Governmental Organisation), formally established by Leng Touch in 2003.


His objective, together with his wife SryOn, is to offer improved employment opportunities through English and some computer education, to subsistence farming children in outlying villages. 

ODA is registered with the Cambodian Government, and Department of Education Youth and Sport of Siem Reap,

as an Education NGO (Non Governmental Organisation) Non Profit designation.


Accountants for International Development UK (AfID) partner ODA with monthly accounts training & support.

See ODA noted as a partner on their website. https://www.afid.org.uk/countries/Asia/Cambodia/Opportunities+of+Development+thru+Art

The ODA Story


Like so many, the story of Leng’s childhood as a 6 year old, under the terror reign of the Khmer Rouge is harrowing.  Surviving those traumatic years around malnutrition, the constant fear of being targeted and killed, the risk of stepping on a land mine or grenade, is ingrained in his soul. 


As a 10 year old at the end of the war, his father killed and no idea where his mother and sister were - starving and hardly able to walk, he followed the stumbling crowds along the river back into Phnom Penh. 


He was one of the very lucky children, as his Aunt and Uncle managed to find him eventually, and take him into their family.  His Uncle had a strong education focus and despite extreme poverty they all managed a full schooling.


As a young adult he befriended 5 street boys and soon realized they were starving.  He recognised if not for his Aunt and Uncle, this would have been his life.  So he felt compelled to care and educate them, as had been done for him.


This was the humble beginning of the organization that has grown into the ODA 8 Free English School’s Programs today, assisting village youngsters to future employment skills.  Just one regular salary assists families to eat three times a day all year.

ODA today



  • 8 Free single room English schools, Solar powered, with toilets and wells.

  • Over 1450 students attending classes.

  • 8 Kindergartens 2-4pm daily.

  • English classes from Beginner to Intermediate level, 4-5, 5-6 and 6-7pm six nights a week .

  • Introduction to computers offered at 4 ODA schools 10-2pm, 4 days a week.

  • Teachers are trained by the ODA schools manager, and currently 16 of them are in the ODA university support program.

  • Yearly Education Authority supervised exams conducted.  

  • No Uniform = No Government School.  So the ODA Yearly Government School Uniform Fund helps some 703 children access government school.


The ODA Free English and Computer schools


Leng's concept grew until in 2003 he formally established ODA as a registered Education NGO with the Cambodian Government and Department of Education.  His objective, together with his wife SryOn, is to offer improved employment opportunities through English education, to subsistence farming children in outlying villages.  Plentiful employment exists in the booming Siem Reap tourist industry, however, even for basic housekeeping, baggage and doorman employment, the primary requirement is for clear spoken English.

 ODA extension programs


Two ODA schools have specific Higher Education School support components:  

1) MOUNTAIN GIRLS HIGHER EDUCATION ACCESS PROJECT.  This project assists mountain girls to access Secondary and High school levels.  English, computers and sewing classes are also provided.  Children of 12 years old in village regions are generally required to be working to help support their families.  Assistance is required for the parents to allow them to continue their education and not have them working.  


2) ODA CENTRAL SCHOOL PROJECT: As in all ODA schools. these students attend the regular half day Khmer school. This ODA school is close enough to Siem Reap to have sporadic access to internet, so in the afternoons English, Introduction to Word, Excel, and Coding computer skills are taught, along with Khmer culture and art classes.   University support is also provided to qualified students. 

ODA Art Project


 Prior to the 7 additional schools expansion, Leng and the students art sales provided the initial education expenses.  Art lessons are an integral part of the ODA Central students’ education. 


Sales of art students creative works are offered in the ODA school On Site Gallery, and at overseas Art Exhibitions hosted by kind interested supporters.

© 2018 Opportunities of Development Thru Art.

​Find us: 

Sras Srang Village  SIEM REAP DISTRICT

Located in the Angkor Wat Temple Precinct, Cambodia

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