There are many ways Volunteers can greatly assist ODA.  The main three are -

  1.  Home Volunteer - activities from your homes – working on spreading the word and fund raising activities for the numerous critical needs.

  2. Internships on site in Siem Reap – University students taking semester breaks – 3 month teaching and IT administration support in ODA Schools.

  3. Volunteer Teaching English– 1 month working directly teaching the students on site at ODA schools.  TEFL or similar qualifications preferred but not mandatory.

  4. Sourcing Pre loved lap tops with good batteries for our classes.    See also our Wish List for Pre loved toys.




Fund raising support for unsupported schools is an absolute life line to keep these schools open. We welcome Business Staff Giving programs, Schools, Clubs, Inner Wheel. Rotary, Lions Clubs etc fund raising activities and International Funding arms.

Your fund raising will keep our Free

classes running and help give them: -

  • Text/activity work books for the hundreds of poor students who can’t afford them $1.50-$2.50USD for photocopies.

  • Work books $5USD a pack of 10 – all 1500+ students need these and it's very hard for us to afford continually.

  • Pencils, erasers, sharpeners etc

  • Toothbrushes and jumbo toothpaste for our hundreds of kindergarten students.

  • Critical - Sept/Oct ODA government school uniform fund raiser.  No uniform = No school –this is critically important to try to keep kids at government school for another year.

ODA can supply flyers for uniforms and stationery supplies fund raisers.  We would love to hear from you with other ideas.  EMAIL FOR MORE INFO






2.INTERNSHIPS Blocks of 3+ months are offered to Uni students wishing to take a semester break or to add value to their courses.  Past Interns have found it a very valuable service learning experience, and addition to their skills, CV’s etc.  Also valuable to have a block of time to maybe rethink your future directions.

3.VOLUNTEER TEACHING ENGLISH Blocks of 1 month.  ODA welcomes native English speaker Volunteers for 1 month blocks, to work with our students teaching English and assisting with administration.  Less time is disruptive for our students and other nationalities pronunciation tends to confuse them.  TEFL(Teaching English as a Foreign Language)  type study is an advantage but not critical.   

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Please note: All Volunteer positions - ODA requires Police checks or Working With Children registrations from your country, Note: Child Protection Protocols are adhered to.

4.PRE LOVED LAP TOPS for ODA Free Classes – Introduction to computers is a critical need here.  Only wealthy students in private schools have access normally.  If you or family/friends update, please think about gifting your old pre loved lap top to ODA.  Also many western companies and organisations regularly update their lap tops, and are generally happy to donate some to an Education Not For Profit. You may have contacts like these.

            Please note -

Unfortunately a complication is that these need to be transported as hand luggage, due to high customs charges on arrival here with posting.  If you know of anyone visiting Siem Reap who would bring them, or ODA can sometimes find a willing visitor to carry them for us. Just make contact with us as many of our old laptops are getting 'beyond surgery or life support!”'