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ODA helps deliver a dream


Sok Vun's Unwavering Quest for a Safe Education And her Determination to Become a Teacher Plus URGENT SCHOOL UNIFORM FUNDRAISING One month earlier this year.

Success even before finishing her university. Sok Vun realizes her dream of becoming a teacher

I was a girl with big dreams living in Mean Chey Commune in Kampong Thom Province, Cambodia. Life was tough in my village. We struggled every day to eat enough, but my dream was always to be a teacher

Sok Vun conducting English group discussions at the government school she was asked to teach.

For boys, it was simpler. They often go to live with monks in pagodas for food and education. But for girls, it was harder to safely move away from my village. Luckily my Village Chief had heard of ODA and asked Leng if he could help with support for me. At 11 years old I was very lucky and joined ODA.

It was life changing with three meals every day, and Mr. Leng, who started ODA, knew what it was like to be hungry from his own childhood during the Khmer Rouge, so as well as three good meals a day, there is always a pot of cooked rice to snack on. ODA also gave me full-time Khmer school, six days a week. I was so happy and on my way to being a teacher.

Wholesome stir fry and soups are served often with fish and vegetables from our farm.

At ODA, I loved learning, it was my dream. I took English, Art, computer, and Khmer dance classes. These cultural dance skills made me happy and also allowed me to perform at Pagoda celebrations, bringing joy to village people.

My Pre Intermediate class at ODA Central. They work hard and I am proud of them all.

As well as ODA’s free education I finished government primary and secondary school, and then a very kind American family sponsored my university education, helping me follow my dream of becoming a teacher. ODA is not just a school, it's like a family where older students help the younger ones, making it a lovely warm place. Today, I teach the highest English class, Pre Intermediate, at ODA Central school.

Sok Vun hanging a pic in the gallery with Sombo helping her.

I run the ODA Students Art Gallery, where I've learned leadership and business skills. I also teach English and Khmer Traditional Dance at a nearby government school, sharing my knowledge and culture with students. I hope these experiences will help me when I am ready to apply for full time work after I complete my degree.

Sok Vun second from the end on RHS with her young Khmer Culture Dance class.

Now I aim to do well in my final exams and then win work in an NGO and a primary school in my future, inspiring the next generation. Mr. Leng and Mrs. Sry On, who run ODA, will help me to discuss and plan my future after ODA. They're like parents to me, and I'm very thankful for them and ODA.

I want to thank all the kind visitors who help to support students at free ODA schools, making dreams come true for me, and so many other outlying village kids who dream too. Mr. Leng and Mrs. Sry On have made a safe place for our big ODA family, and for that, I'm really thankful. Every day, I try to inspire others with my journey of hope, strong spirit, and determination.

Akun Tom Tom, I Thank Everyone So Much!

UNIFORM FUND RAISING Can you help give another year of school?

2022 Teacher See with some of the happy 700+ students in their new uniforms.

NO UNIFORM = NO SCHOOL ODA supports poor Cambodian children in villages around our schools by providing uniforms for school attendance. In Cambodia, uniforms are mandatory for government schools, which poses a financial burden on poorer families. ODA conducts an annual Uniform Fund Raiser to help around 700 needy children in our village school communities to attend school. This year, the school year starts a month earlier, on December 1st, so we have limited time to raise funds for uniforms. A uniform pack costs $27 USD, including two uniform sets, sneakers, socks, and underwear. 2021 with Covid shutting down employment we assisted 1924 students, see the video Your support, even for one uniform set, can make a significant difference in these children's lives by giving them access to education for one more year. Global supporters can click the Donate button to contribute. For UK supporters, Gift Aid can boost your donation, but please send your receipt to us as their notification process to ODA may be delayed. Click on the Donate button, select 'UK Donate Here,' enter ODA's Project No J1068N, and click on the Stewardship button during the donation process to add Gift Aid.

All uniform donors, please email your PayPal or UK receipt to with ‘Uniform Fund’ noted. We appreciate everyone's support in running our free schools and providing uniform funding. We can only help these children with your assistance.

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